The Magician

..And you know, this thought crossed my mind at the time: 
maybe chance is a pretty common thing after all. 
Those kinds of coincidences are happening all around us, 
all the time, but most of them don't attract our attention 
and we just let them go by. 
It's like fireworks in the daytime. 
You might hear a faint sound, 
but even if you look up at the sky you can't see a thing. 

But if we're really hoping something may come true 
it may become visible, like a message rising to the surface. 
Then we're able to make it out clearly, decipher what it means. 
And seeing it before us we're surprised and 
wonder at how strange things like this can happen. 
Even though there's nothing strange about it. ..."
~Haruki Murakami

In reality there are no separate events...
it's all connected to the source...


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