Super Cute Cat Art iPhone 4 cover!

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This is one of a set of catmaSutra paintings entitled "See-no-evil"  or Morning Cat. As you would have guessed, part 2 and 3 (hear-no-evil {afternoon cat}, and "speak-no-evil"{evening cat}) will soon follow. The design is also available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iTouch 2, iTouch4. I'll probably add in the iPad versions as well so stay tuned!

Here's the natural inspiration of the above painting - Halo doing her "See-No-Evil" stance. I think we can learn a lot from a cat, the way it stretches, the way it seems to live its life. Maybe it's a way of slowing things down as per lifespan, they age much faster than we do; but everything is relative, if we don't take time out to enjoy stretching and doing nothing once in a while, we may indeed live to regret it!

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